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Client Testimonials

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Testimonials (803)

John Ward

The artist I worked with was excellent. She responded quickly to any changes I had her make. The end result was exactly what I was looking for.

Georgie Stevenson

Thank you CreateMyTattoo - this has opened up my design request to a larger auidence than i could have hoped for

Kyle Thomason

CreateMyTattoo was great! I am glad I was able to find the site as it fit my needs perfectly! I have showed and recommended the site to friends who have also become intrigued and are now using this site themselves! Great site!

Beth Thompson

I think CreateMyTattoo is a great concept, and I really enjoyed my experience. Plus, I ended up with a design that was exactly as I'd pictured it! Thank you!

Rob Sexton

Thanks goes to CreateMyTattoo and the artists that submitted their design.
A big shout out to Sarah Helen who won my contest...she sis a fantastic job!

Luke Middleton

What a great experience! There are some very talented artists who provide such an array of options. The more designs I saw the closer I got to exactly what I was envisioning and more! The artists are polite and ask question after question to ensure they submit the best possible option. Great experience and I'll definitely be back!

Jon Payne

I have been looking for someone to design me this tattoo for years and you guys have made a business out of it, thanks very much, without you i wouldnt have had the oppertunity to talk to designers state side which seem to be the best. ThankYou, Jon

George Rigas

Very good, if only i new about you guys earlier I would have given you my other ones.


John Pearson

The final design I selected was excellent based on continuous feed back with the artist. Cannot wait to have another one designed soon.

Alison Schmitz

This has been a wonderful experience! The tattoo I chose is exactly what I had imagined. The artists are easy to communicate with!