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Mark Storm - Maori-inspired tattoo designer

My name is Mark Storm, a graphic/tattoo designer from Holland. I’m inspired by the Maori / Kirituhi style and other tribal tattoo styles, like Polynesian, Samoan and Marquesan. I combine different graphical elements and shapes into one esthetic tattoo design. My tattoos have no specific meaning or symbols, it can only be seen as a graphic- & esthetic artwork.

Tattoo For A Week - Temporary Tattoos

Featuring the largest slection of temporary tattoos in Europe.

Etching Tattoos by Brucius

Visual tattoo artist, Brucius regards tattooing as a medium to express oneself with immediacy. The pressure of the permanence and the personal aspect of it make it closer to his artistic drive. Brucius sees Tattooing as a right of passage for the client as well as a perfect way for his skills to be applied. As a freelance artist Brucius produced high-end, fine-detailed photo-realistic artwork and graphic designs

Museum of Tattoos

The Tattoo Museum is one of the oldest collections of Tattoo pictures on the internet. Thanks Sparky, Doc Holiday, and Ricky Larrson, of Sweden, for thier original contributions.

Skin Artists

Our goal is to bring the tattoo culture together to learn, enjoy, inspire and create. Here you can find many useful tips about the tattoo and piertcing care, find your tattoo design, see the tattoo news, check out many portfolios of great tattoo artists, interviews and much more fun info.

Tattoo Blogger

Tattoo Blogger is the authority in custom tattoo design news and trends. Check out their weekly videos featuring top tattoo designers from all over the world.


On Snizoo you will find reviews of tattoo shops, excellent design work, and informative articles to help you get the best out of your tattoo.