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Drawing is something I've always done, primarily for my own personal enjoyment. This particular application is new to me- which is good for you. I will explain.... As egotistical creatures, (some) humans tend to drive a personal stake into the products and outcomes of their engagements. We take pride in something we have done well. What this means for you in this case is that, as a self-driven student i am going to work that much harder to earn your seal of approval. At the end of a contest, you are by no means stuck with the selected piece. What it means, at least in my mind, is that the artist has been awarded the responsibility, the opportunity to complete the development of the image you know you are looking for but can't quite seem to put your finger on. And in the days following, we have time, if we choose, for corrispondence and fine tuning. And remember, it's all about the ink-man. Our goal is not to produce something to hang on the wall, but to develope the structure and content that can be effectively transmitted to the skin. I have always thought of tattoos as the ultimate personal statement. They require total commitment. They must be conceptualized and developed with great care and attention to detail which makes them perfect for my meticulous, almost obsessive nature (ok, totally obsessive nature). If I am selected, from what I have discovered to be a very talented group of artists, you can be assured I won't quit until you are completely satisfied. Cheers!

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