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updating tattoo

Designs by: LizaPaizis


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Entry : #202625

with a bit of colour....

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updating tattoo - with a bit of colour....
Winning Entry
updating tattoo - more adjustments
updating tattoo - cats eyes changed


tchica     Contest Holder
April 17 2015 4:43am

Updating tattoo

Thans to update my tattoo. I chosen you as the winner
tchica     Contest Holder
April 14 2015 11:15am

Updating tattoo

Thank you, looks nice,
The Color is also nicely chosen.
April 14 2015 9:19am

No Subject

Submitted design #202625

hi -

I've added a tiny bit of colour just around the eyes and sides. I do not want to do too much or else it will become messy :)
I think if the colour is close to your skin tone, and a little bit of yellowy-orange, that would allow for more blending....
tchica     Contest Holder
April 13 2015 9:50am

updating tattoo

Thank you, she's been much better now.
Would you please add a bit of color to balance him out, if it is not to difficault.
On the lines I would change nothing else .
Thank you so much
April 13 2015 9:15am

No Subject

Submitted design #202452

thanks for your feedback!
I have blended the areas that look unblalanced to try to make the cat look more realistic.
I don't want to do too much to the design because it could get messy with too many lines- I also gave him a very light pink nose to highlight his cute face.
i can add a bit of colour to also try to balance him out if you like....
tchica     Contest Holder
April 9 2015 11:38am

updating tattoo

Thank you very much, the eyes are now more realistic. Can there anything be done to the dark line under one eye so that the jaw does not appear sunken. The same above that one eye . That line goes from the corner of the eye to the ear.
April 9 2015 10:47am

No Subject

Submitted design #201920

Hi !

not sure how much you wanted to change the cat - maybe all that it needs is to put some realistic pupils in the eyes with some highlights to make it more natural?
also changed the mouth a bit so it does not look angry.

Let me know if you want more done :)
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