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Unstructured - Upper arm arm / shoulder sleeve

Designs by: DarkSwan


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A Possible outline.

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Unstructured - Upper arm arm / shoulder sleeve - A Possible outline.


Sgould     Contest Holder
September 23 2012 4:57am

ideas feedback

Thanks - I like the concept of integrating the designs around my existing tribal tattoo. However I don't like the skulls. The design images should represent life & hope not death or evil. Also I like the concept of the angel geisha Within the Phoenix rather than the naked women. Keeping the colour theme of black & grey shadings is.also key. Think 4-5 images should be sufficient, then connected with small details such as stars, suns, flowers maybe even some writing.
Hope that helps
September 21 2012 9:09pm

So... heres a possible idea

Submitted design #59266

I really wasn't sure what style you were going for (theres alot of ideas going on in the description) so i tried to make it match your existing tattoo by incorporating it into the phoenix wing... also I wasnt sure if you wanted a geisha/angel perhaps? so i drew a small pic of the bottom angel on the top left side in a kimono instead of just naked. The skull should be facing the back of your arm, and the wing extensions should wrap around your bicep. This is just line work so all the detail hasnt been worked in... I figured i'd get your input to see if im heading in the right direction before i do details.... anything/everything you want changed?
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