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Triskelion Custom Tattoo

Designs by: LenaDr


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Entry : #22791

Medallion without knots

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Triskelion - Medallion without knots
Triskelion - Triskelion with medallion2
Triskelion - Triskelion with medallion
Triskelion - modified shamrock center
Triskelion - traditional shamrock-type center
Triskelion - Without initials
Triskelion - Triskelion


September 15 2011 12:24pm

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Submitted design #22791
September 14 2011 4:11pm

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Submitted design #22723
September 14 2011 4:10pm

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Submitted design #22722
Tim     Contest Holder
September 13 2011 12:36pm

Added thoughts

Lena, could you try some additions? Soecifically putting the imageminto a medallion style by wrapping it in a circle. Then with the resulting white space, add in three celtic trinity knots? Starting with you entries 215 or 217. I liked what someone else did with outing it in a medallion, but really like your design.
Tim     Contest Holder
September 7 2011 4:33am

Best yet

Not exactly the shamrock center inwas thinking of, and it turned out great. For the path we were on with the design you started, I think we are done. If you have any other ideas, let me know. These last two are great.
September 7 2011 2:32am

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Submitted design #22217
September 7 2011 2:23am

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Submitted design #22215
Tim     Contest Holder
September 6 2011 8:07am


Any chance you can either make the center more "tribal" or in lieu of that, adjust it so it becomes a celtic shamrock?
September 4 2011 7:19pm

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Submitted design #22097
Tim     Contest Holder
September 4 2011 6:03am


This is terrific. I love the fact that I have not seen a triskele like this before. The basic design should be in tattoo books. I love how the two dots suggest a bass clef. I love how the center spiral reverses before it comes together.

What I don't like may surprise you. It's the initials. The font almost sets it in a specific time period while the symbol is classic. I know I asked for initials, but in this case, they are too obvious and and actually take away from the fantastic work here.

So for starters, I'd ask for a revision that eliminates the initials.

Beyond that, here are other thoughts. I wonder what it would be like - with the initials removed - for the center spirals to keep their pointed end but meet right up in the center, and not having the grey section in there either. Next version, what if those points met and it somehow suggested a spark. Then on each of the the spirals, you used subtle changes in the edge of the lines to suggest air flowing, curling waves, and rough land? I saw one tat when I did an image search of triskelion that suggested a plant growing. Each line to the spiral had a different stage of the growth of the plant. I'm not suggesting something as overt as that, but a subtle line on each may be interesting. Or it may clutter it up.

These last suggestions may be too much. And it may be perfect with just the initials removed. I'm very interested to see what your response it. Again, awesome work. Really what I am going for.
September 3 2011 11:50pm

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Submitted design #22048
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