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Music and Squirrels

Designs by: Ninja


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Squirrel music symbiosis

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Music and Squirrels - Squirrel music symbiosis


jfcxso     Contest Holder
October 15 2018 3:59am

Thank You


I would like to sincerely thank you for all your time you spent of my contest.

I'm not sure if you have been working on a new iteration of your design based on my feedbacks. But I'm going to close this contest in a couple of hours...

I wish you the very best of luck in your future submissions in other contests.

October 9 2018 5:51pm

Getting closer!

Thanks so much for the feedback-very clear, concise, and thought out. I can see you have a good eye for design and some skills with composition. Right on! I'm excited to get a tighter composition to you, and your thought of the sound waves and notes being in the air are definitely meaningful. I'll reduce all the info and re-work one for you soon!
jfcxso     Contest Holder
October 9 2018 3:35pm

Thank you


Thank you so much for spending some of your time on my contest!

A few feedbacks:
- I think there are a bit too many details. It is a small tattoo and I would prefer to keep it minimalistic. So maybe we could let go the background (grass, clouds, birds).
- From what I can see, it seems that the squirrel is sitting (the legs are up), which seems like an awkward position for a squirrel, it is not a natural position.
- Also, this squirrel seems to have collected 2 nuts in its arms however it looks like it is picking up music notes. Maybe it would make more sense if it had 2 music notes in its arms instead.
- it this design it seems that the music notes are flying or floating in the sky which is an interesting concept. Indeed, because the music is composed of sound waves, it makes sense that the music notes are in the air and not on the ground.
- it seems you took a cartoonish approach to draw the squirrel. That means you have some freedom regarding the squirrel shape and appearance. Maybe you could use that opportunity to embed the music to the squirrel shape. For instance, I'm a terrible drawer, but on 2d, on a computer, I managed to draw the example I've attached. It is more a logo than a tattoo: it's just an idea.

I would be interested to see what you could come up with my feedbacks.

PS: I've attached my own design. I would appreciate if you don't use it anywhere else.
October 9 2018 7:03am

An adorable expression of the love of the journey of music!

Submitted design #358955

Here is the first ideation sketch that popped into my head. I faintly added headphones and could clean up the butterfly notes if you like. I hope you do!
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