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lightning spheres

Designs by: stardust333


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Lightning Spheres

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lightning spheres - Lightning Spheres


Popshowell     Contest Holder
July 3 2019 8:37pm

Hi sandy.

love the energy. I am hoping to wrap this around my lower bicep so the spheres are all in ‘line’. Also would like for the spheres to have depth and stand on there own agile sharing and throwing out energy. Thank u for your input!!
July 3 2019 12:15pm


Submitted design #374550

Hi there. Hoping all is well!
Wow, I really wish I could have saw this contest a bit earlier! But I'm still glad I'm getting to submit what I can.
I had different positionings in mind for the way the spheres would be set up, but I liked this one the most because of the representation: you & your wife being the two dominant spheres on top and bottom, and your three children being protected in the center, yet still blasting off enough strong individual energy! I also made it so that the main, primary lightning bolt going through each of the spheres connected each of the kids to one another AND their parents. Giving you and your wife an unbreakable bond through your children :)

If I have time, I'd love to upload another version that has more shading around the lightning bolts. If I seen this sooner, that's what I had in mind to do. But I'll definitely see what I can do! Thanks for the awesome opportunity, I had a lot of fun on this one. It's such a stellar idea for a tatt!!
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