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JJ ~ infinity on wrist w/ date

Designs by: stardust333


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Entry : #371941

JJ Infinity

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JJ ~ infinity on wrist w/ date - JJ Infinity
JJ ~ infinity on wrist w/ date - JJ Infinity
Winning Entry
JJ ~ infinity on wrist w/ date - JJ Infinity
JJ ~ infinity on wrist w/ date - JJ Infinity


May 18 2019 10:34am

3rd entry Reversed

Submitted design #372057

Hello there Jay, here's that one you asked for in the reversed colors. But if you want to see it any other way, totally let me know!
I'll be submitting more, ones with some shading incorporated around it to see if you might like those.
Hoping all is well!
May 16 2019 7:22am

Just to be sure!

You got it, Jay, it's no prob whatsoever!
Really happy to hear that you like what you see, thank you so much. And ok, I can definitely do that for you, only question I have is that when you say reversed, you do mean the colors like how I did in the second one, right? And not just to reverse the whole design itself as my silly mind initially thought? Haha. I'll also post how it'd look with a touch of shading on the inside of the curves.
But WOW.. 333 is your fave too?! Well that's just kickass!! You're my kinda people, lol.
Hope you have a super terrific day Jay,
savag3daddy     Contest Holder
May 15 2019 3:28pm


Hi Sandy!
WoW, awesome work and thank you for your entries... dang, such a tough choice... I can see all three being perfect... naturally lol, 333 noticed is also my fav number and your designs by far are my favorite, I love how you incorporated the date as the body in the 3rd (371941)... could I see that reversed also? I think I like it this way but curious to see how it would show.... Thank you, Sandy!!
May 15 2019 3:14pm

3rd Entry

Submitted design #371941

And here's the one I was referring to in the description of my 1st entry. Instead of the date being in the body of the infinity symbol, I made it the actual body itself.
If you have any questions or suggestions or want to see anything added or removed please don't hesitate to ask!
Thanks again
May 15 2019 3:11pm

2nd Entry

Submitted design #371939

Here's another one, it's the same one as before but I reversed the colors.
May 15 2019 3:10pm

1st Entry

Submitted design #371938

Hey there, hope this finds you well!
This is my first submission for you.
I tried to make it look like two J's as one infinity sign.
In this one specifically I added the date on the inside of the body. But I will show you another way I incorporated the date soon.
Thanks for the opportunity!
-Sandy (Stardust333)
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