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Thai Tattoo Studio is the place in the Netherlands where you can get an original traditional Thai Sak Yant tattoo. Once a year a friendly Thai monk is present in our studio as guest artist. Sak means "tapping" or "tattooing", and Yant is derived from Yantra, which means "sacred geometrical design”. For hundreds of years Thai and Khmer warriors were renowned and feared for their magical patterns on their skin. These patterns were a mixture of Buddhist psalms and prayers, and shamanistic sayings and magic that had survived the religious transition from the pre-Buddhist Hindu era and were incorporated into the belief system of the reborn Buddhist countries. Since the time of King Naresuan, in the golden age of Ayutthaya, Thai soldiers have sought protection in the power of Sak Yant, and in wearing and praying to amulets . In World War II and the Vietnam war the allied troops nicknamed Thai soldiers "Taharn Phee" (ghost soldiers), because of their Sak Yant tattoos and amulets. Many Muay Thai boxers ("Nak Muay") seek the magical powers that Sak Yant tattoos are said to give them. There are countless stories of people who have miraculously escaped from serious injury from traffic accidents, violent robberies, stabbings and even gunshots. For example, there is a story of a former British soldier, who, when he served in Iraq, was struck on his helmet by a bullet, which ricocheted without piercing it. He is convinced that this was caused by his Yants, which he had received from Archarn Anek. A Yant is a sacred geometric design that provides protective forces and various blessings through Buddhist psalms and magical formulas. The Buddhist psalms that are written in Khom or Khmer script around these Yants are known as "kata". In the western world, a kata is also known as "mantra". "Mantra" is a Sanskrit word that means "prayer" .

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