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Freelance artist and student of graphic design specialization. You can also see my work @ </br> </br> New to! </br> </br> I started drawing when I was five and have been drawing and painting ever since (self taught). I've worked with a number of different mediums and in quite a few different styles. Digital art is something newer to me and although I enjoy it tremendously, I have more time and experience with traditional work. I tend to blend the two, or draw entirely on the computer, when designing for someone via the internet/long distance, to make the process easier. But, I am always happy to get my hands dirty with traditional mediums. </br> </br> Working with people and creating meaningful pieces of art is something I've always had a passion for...and I've been doing so since I was 13. I'm comfortable with challenges and look forward to building a good reputation on this site!

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