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Oye Mates, Yes I am a real Pirate! Everything happens for a reason! If you b lookin to have me create u a design expect awesome and creative !! I am a complete custom designer no pick and post for this pirate and AARRGGHH to those who call themselves artist who do !! Live by the sword and die by it !! Most of me designing work b done in digital anymore just produces a crisp clean design it is all still original!! Can and will design on paper if requested!! My designs are very full and detailed so if you don't want that please do not extend an invitation to this pirate . I am over designing awesome pieces for people who are afraid to get the ink !!! However if you are interested in getting a magazine shot tattoo then please invite me! My workload stays heavy so I don't get to see a lot of the contest unless invited or close to the end !! I have over 20 years tattooing and been drawing since i was 4 so that means ( O wow i am old ha ha ) 35 years of that ! Anyway Thanks for takin an interest in my work ! I hope to see you all in a magazine like lots of my clients! Plot the course and we go there mate!! DP P.S. Todays tattoo artist can do some amazing things ! We are not stuck in the Lines if you know what I mean . We can put photographs on people skin and many other things too!! So do not be afraid of a great design !! I WILL NOT ENTER ANYTHING THAT CANNOT BE USED FOR ITS INTENDED PURPOSE!!!!! I admit you need to seek out your artist for the tattoo carefully but you should be doing that anyway!! Look at portfolios and other tattoos of the same quality!! P.S.S Thank you to all the artist on this site !!!!! You are only as good as your competition and you all have been and are always making me a better artist!!! So thank you very much!!! Oye!DP

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