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Since tattooing was invented, star tattoos have been around. After all, these celestial bodies floating around the sky look so magnificent that they are coveted by ink enthusiasts from all around the world. Its unisex style makes it a great choice for first-timers, whether they are male or female. If you are thinking of getting inked for the first time, then tattoos of stars are great choices. Many women request shooting star tattoos, which are related to a person wanting to reach the sky. They also symbolize the desire for a new life, an addition to the family, or a drastic alteration in an individual’s life.

While tattoos of stars look very feminine, there are designs for men as well. One type you can ask for is the nautical star ink, which has been used by sailors for several centuries. In the ancient days, the North Star guided the sailors back home, so it became a symbol of their desire to return to their homelands. Stars in solid black can also be done on men, and they can be incorporated with masculine details such as skulls, flames, and tribal patterns. While star tattoos look simple, they hold more symbolism than many others. So if you’re looking for an ink that embodies your ideology, then tattoos of stars should be included on your list.

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