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A lot of people are afraid of spiders, yet you can see many sporting spider tattoos. That’s because these scary creatures convey power, growth and mystery. The mysticism shrouding this great arachnid stems from its web, which a spider constructs to serve as his home. From this thought, tattoos of spiders show that the wearer is responsible for fabricating his own life. After all, it’s an individual’s decisions that affect the outcomes of everyday life. As for the Native Americans, they believe that spider tattoos can protect a person. According to myths, this creature, which represented the grandmother, protected them from storms and other natural disasters. For the same reason, spiders, although they are seen as ‘masculine’ creatures, are actually signs of femininity.

Tattoos of spiders are also associated with infinity (number 8) with its eight legs and eight eyes. For this reason, this tattoo is perfect for people who desire infinite knowledge and happiness.As for the Egyptians, they related spider tattoos with creation and hunting, as it was the symbol of the deity Neith. At first glance, spiders can look scary and revolting. But with their deep representations, they are slowly gaining popularity amongst tattoo enthusiasts who want meaningful and beautiful inks on their bodies.

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