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Praying hands tattoos are very famous amongst the religious. For many, ink that depicts hands clasped together is a way of showing their beliefs. According to historians, this design was made famous by German artist Albrecht Daurer in the 15th century. The image of the praying hands was his gift to the Mayor of Frankfurt. The hands were of his brother’s, who was an artist as well, but had to work in the mines to support their family. According to Daurer, the praying hands symbolize religion and his brother’s sacrifices. Because of its deep meaning, a handful of believers consider tattoos of praying hands as their top choices.

Praying hands tattoos boast of a variety of meanings. For some people, it represents a loved one who has passed away. For others, it signifies the hardships and adversities that a person has successfully overcome. For individuals who haven’t triumphed with their struggles, tattoos of praying hands are images that help him get through the difficulties in their lives. Because of their different meanings, praying hands tattoos can be drawn and interpreted in several ways. You can have it colored or in simple black. Whatever you decide – it’s up to you. After all, it’s a personal expression of your religious belief and faith.

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