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Peace sign tattoos became famous in the 1960s during the height of the “Make love, not war” era. Most of the people who wore this type of tattoo were known as hippies, who wore long hair and advocated peace. Although that decade is long past, this style continues to be one of the most requested designs. Not only hippies get to wear this style;they are requested by common people in tattoo parlors all around the world. The most common style is the three-pronged symbol drawn downwards, surrounded by a circle. Although this design is considered timeless and classic, many revisions have been done to modernize tattoos of peace signs.

For one, they are drawn with tribal designs and other emblems. Women, who opt for feminine colors such as pink and red, fancy the addition of hearts, stars and musical signs to their peace sign tattoos. As for men, they have the tattoos in manly colors such as blue, black and brown, and are drawn together with symbols such as skulls, flames and tribal art. If you love peace, or if you just want to sport a unique tattoo, then you should consider peace sign tattoos for your next appointment with your favorite tattoo artist.

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