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Old School Tattoo Designs

Old School tattoos, also known as traditional tattoos, are famous for their bold, bluish-black outlines. This western style of tattooing features shades of red, yellow, green, purple and brown. Little, if any, shading characterizes tattoos of old school style. One of the most famous artists that advocated this style is Norman Keith Collins, also known as Sailor Jerry. Other influential names associated with this style of inking include AmundDietzel, Herbert Hoffmann, Bob Show and Bert Grimm.

There are many types of old school tattoos style for you to choose from. Pin up tattoos and Harley Davidson tattoos are popularwith men, especially bikers. Eagle inks and army symbols are usual in patriotic men such as policemen and enlisted personnel. Anchor and dagger tattoos are also common in people who request tattoos of old school designs. There are suitable styles for women as well. These images include cherries, nautical stars, mermaids, water, hearts and roses. With old school tattoos, you can place them on different parts of your body. The arms, chest, back, wrist and ankles are just some of the many locations where you can have your tattoos. With their unique style and shading, old school tattoos are perfect for ink fans all around the globe.

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