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The moon is considered an important celestial body, as it gives us nighttime light when the sun is not around. Because of its role and symbolism, moon tattoos remain one of the most requested designs for women, although some men get them as well. The moon is usually associated with fairies, and with this design moon tattoos enter the realms of fantasy and the unknown. Tattoos of the moon also represent motherhood; that’s why a lot of ladies get this style. After all, the moon is related tothe caring and nurturing instincts of a mother. 

Moon tattoos also stand for children, as the moon is said to denote the inner child in every person. They are also linked with feelings and emotions. After all, the moon plays a big role in controlling the earth’s axis rotation and the tides of the oceans and seas. What’s great about tattoos of moon is they can be patterned in a variety of styles. You can opt for a crescent moon, or a half moon. You can ask your artist to add ornaments to your tattoo, including stars, fairies and other symbolic figures. With its simple look, the tattoos of moon appear grander and more exquisite with several modifications and tweaks here and there.

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