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Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Although lower back tattoos have gained notoriety for being tramp stamps, those who have them see them as beautiful ink designs. The style was made famous in the 1990s when celebrities such as Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson were seen rocking tattoos on their lower backs. No matter what design is on your back, it is considered erotic and sexy because of its location. Although women favor this type of tattoo, men can pull off lower back tattoos as well – it’s just dependent on the style and design of the ink.

Lower back tattoos feature feminine designs generally. One of the most famous styles involves images of different flowers, such as roses and lotuses. Some styles, however, are considered unisex because of their unique styles and monochromatic hues.Tattoos that feature tribal patterns are considered appropriate for both men and women as some designs can be added for ultimate personalization. Stars, hearts, flowers and words can be added to these lower back tattoos, so the wearer doesn’t have to end up sporting the same ink as another person. Because of their location, tattoos on the lower back are best seen by wearing cropped tops and low-rise jeans.They’re perfect for summer as well!Whether it’s a small design or an elaborate one, don’t be afraid to show your trendy lower back tattoos in this style of clothing.

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