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Kanji tattoos are symbols used for people with non-foreign names. Simply put, they are used in writing the names of Japanese people. The art and design of these tattoos have become so famous that even people outside of Japan want to have tattoos of Kanji symbols. Fortunately, imported names can be translated to Kanji according to phonetics. Because of the demand for this ink design, Kanji tattoos of names remain the most popular style asked for in most tattoo parlors.

Apart from converted names, there are several tattoos of Kanji words that can be used to replace generic English terms.  Famous words considered suitable for female tattoos include “Yuujou” or friendship, “Eien” or eternity, “Yume” or dream and “Ai” or love. As for men, great Kanji tattoos include the symbolisms of “Yokubou” or Desire, “Meiyo” or Honor, “Chie” or Wisdom, and Shogun. If you think that one word is not enough, you can combine two – for example, “Kibou Heiwa” which means Hope and Peace. What’s great about Kanji tattoos is they are perfect for small body parts, such as the hand, wrist, ankle, neck and nape. However, they can be placed on big areas such as the chest, arms and back as well. Because Kanji tattoos can be beautified with additional ornamentation, this kind of ink is ideal for enthusiasts who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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