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Indian tattoos are bodily designs that have been sported by Native Americans for many centuries. With their thought-provoking styles and symbolic illustrations, they have become mainstream choices for ink enthusiasts around the world. The number one choice for most Indian tattoos enthusiasts is an image of a tribal elder wearing a headdress. But if you want simple tattoos of Indian designs that are not as elaborate as image inks, then you can ask your artist to write your name or your loved one’s name using Cherokee or Cree symbols. Another casual design to consider is any character from the Native Indian language, especially one which describes your life’s passion.

If you have Native American heritage, then what you need to do is research your family lineage to determine the perfect styles of Indian tattoos to have on your body. For example, if your ancestors come from the Cherokee tribe, you can opt for tattoos of Indian characters used by the early Cherokees. But if you don’t have Indian lineage, you don’t have to worry because you can sport a feather tattoo. It’s considered symbolic by many Native Americans, and they are usually utilized for adornments and decorations of headgear and clothing. Because they are colorful, and boast of beautiful designs, tattoos of Indian heritage have always been popular.

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