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Heart tattoos are just some of the most popular designs on the planet. After all, they represent a vital organ which pumps the necessary blood to the different organs in the body. They also represent the act of loving, which is considered one of the best feelings in the world. One of the most common tattoos of hearts involves Cupid’s arrow. According to many legends, it is Cupid’s arrow that is responsible for the ardor between two lovers. This is just an example of the many heart tattoos a hopeless romantic could have on his or her body.

Another popular style of heart tattoos involves one that has a banner across it. Because the ink is permanent, it is one of the best ways to proclaim your undying love for someone. After all, it’s lasting, unless you have it removed surgically. You can also sport heart tattoos with wings or halos, to show your pure love for someone. Although females have a more of a tendency to get tattoos of hearts such as the given examples, men can sport some designs as well. They include hearts surrounded with thorns, a mechanical heart, or a gothic style heart. In conclusion, it can’t be denied that heart tattoos are lovely. Because they go well on both sexes, there’s no reason for you not to get heart tattoos on your body.

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