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Gambling tattoos are considered unique and one of a kind. While many gamesters sport this design, average Joes can sport them as well. One of the most requested tattoos of gambling involves the designs of playing cards. After all, nothing says ‘gaming’ more than a deck of cards. They are used in several types of amusements, such as Black Jack and Baccarat. Top choices include the ace, king and queen cards. What’s great about card tattoos is you can modify the look of your queen and king to suit your style. Whether you like spades, hearts, clubs or diamonds, a card tattoo is a good way to show your devotion and interest in playing.

Another simple yet interesting design for gambling tattoos involve the use of dice. These items are important in many games, such as roulette. Just like cards, dice are modest in appearance. What’s great about this style is you can choose the face of your dice, in order to come up with what you consider to be your lucky numbers. Another unique tattoo for gambling is the illustration of the city of Las Vegas, known as the gambling capital of the US. With this wide array of gambling tattoos, you don’t have to hit the casino all the time to be reminded of your devotion to playing cards.

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