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Food gives us the energy to carry on with our everyday lives. At the same time, itis delicious and appetizing. Some foodies are so attached to their favorite staples that they have dedicated a good part of their bodies to food tattoos. If you are thinking of a way to show your love for food without getting fat, then tattoos of food are something you should try out. One of the most common styles involves sweets. Cakes, candies, pastries, ice creams and lollipops are sinfully delicious. They are colorful and can be a sight for sore eyes, that’s why they are some of the most popular tattoos of food. Instead of eating all of them and gaining several pounds, a good way to show your dedication to these delectable eats is by having sweet food tattoos.

Other famous examples of tattoos of food are fruits. Cherries and strawberries are usually preferred because of their bright colors and great shapes. They are flexible designs and can be combined with other foods. Another style to consider is that of bacon. This juicy yet fatty food can be designed in the form of a heart to show your love for this cured meat. With the many styles of food tattoos out there, you can show your commitment for nourishment by having permanent designs of them on your body.

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