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Feminine tattoos are ink designs considered perfect for women all over the world. Their soft designs and colorful features are just some of the many things that make them ideal for femme fatales who like inking their bodies. Nothing says “girly” more than flower tattoos. Ladies can opt for the popular varieties such as roses and lilies, but they can also ask for unique ones such as poppies and sunflowers. Another tattoo that is very feminine involves the use of hearts. This ink can be drawn simply with a black outline and red shading, but if you like to be unique, variations of this image can be done, with the addition of a few things here and there.

Wings are also considered very feminine tattoos. They depict fantasy and magic, as they can be seen on mythical creatures such as fairies and unicorns. While they are best placed on the back, they can look good on the ankle and wrist as well. Word tattoos can be feminine too, depending on the term used. Words such as ‘love,’ ‘hope,’ ‘peace,’ and ‘faith’ are some of the best candidates for those who want not-so-girly styles. Obviously, ideas and niches for feminine tattoos are ever expanding. Even if you’re thinking of masculine tats, by asking for some modifications and adjustments, you can turn them into tattoos that represent femininity.

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