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They might look sad, but the fact of the matter is that death tattoos are famous all around the globe. After all, it’s one eventuality that each person faces. There is a wide variety of tattoos depicting death, ranging from death’s heads, skeletons, bones, and skulls to the dreaded Grim Reaper. Depending on what symbolism you are after, you can choose from this vast selection of death-inspired inks. The most common death tattoos are those that involve skeletons and skulls. After all, what remains of a person after their passing istheirbones. Unlike other ink styles, these designs are focused on what transpires after a person crosses to the next life. 

Another one of the most popular forms of death tattoos is the Grim Reaper. Usually covered in a cape, this harbinger of death is a skeleton whoranges over the world wielding a scythe. The mere presence of the Grim Reaper tells that death is around the corner. Although this tattoo of death can denote sadness, it can also mean that a person should live his life to the fullest as death is imminent. All interested individuals can obtain a Grim Reaper death tattoo, but the best ones to get it are those who have survived a freak accident and have been given a ‘second life.’ While death tattoos may look sad, having one on your skin shows that you enjoy life and that you’re not afraid of what might happen next.

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