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For the longest time, people all over the world have held clover tattoos in high regard. The clover is known as a sign of luck for the Irish, as they believe that finding a four-leafed one is next to impossible. As for other people, the symbolism of clover tattoos is based on the legend that Eve had one with her when she was exiled from the Garden of Eden. According to experts, each corner of the leaf depicts the four aspects of life: luck, love, hope and faith. For other individuals, tattoos of Clovers say “Make me happy!” 

As the most common clover design on the market, the Irish clover is a great representation for people in search for luck. Of course, this tattoo is best in the traditional color of green. With its unisex style and hue, it’s recommended for men and women who’d like to have luck on their side. What’s great about tattoos of clovers is that they go well with other accents. Men can incorporate Celtic symbols and tribal patterns to make the tattoo look more ingenious. Women, on the other hand, can add hearts, flowers and stars to their clover tattoos for a more personalized style. So if you are the kind of person who wantsink that can give you luck and make you joyful, then clover tattoos should be next on your list.

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