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Sugar, spice and everything nice – these are just some of the things that describe the very colorful candy tattoos. Mostly seen on the female body, these sweet inks can be drawn big or small – and can be placed anywhere. Their vivid hues make them the perfect permanent accessory on your chest, wrist, upper arms and ankles. They can even be located on the hidden parts of the body such as the back and the nape. Your candy tattoos of course, will depend on your preferences. Whatever candy you like, you can have it on your body. Other sweets you can include on your body canvas include cupcakes, cake slices, ice creams, and banana splits. Choices for candy tattoos are truly endless.

What’s great about tattoos of candies is that you can add more accents to make your ink look prettier. For example, you can add hearts and stars as background designs for your candy tattoos. You can even have your name, your beau’s name, or a significant word or sentence emblazoned on a banner across your tattoo. There are many fonts for you to choose from for the names and words that can be included in your tattoo. Candy tattoos look good wherever you wish to put them. They are beautiful, attractive, and are considered perfect choices for those who want to show how much they love their candies.

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