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Cancer Tattoos are perfect for ink fans who were born any time between June 21 and July 22. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and is represented by the crab totem. People who possess this sign are said to be loyal, kind, imaginative, sensitive, and nurturing. As a water sign, Cancer people are said to be true-blue romantics who can sweep you off your feet. If you believe in astrology, or if you believe you possess any of the said characteristics, then tattoos of the Cancer sign are perfect for your personality.

Glyph, which is a symbolic type of ink, is a great idea. Its claws interlacewith one another, resulting in an image that looks like the number 69. This tatto is perfect for both sexes, and is best placed on the wrist or upper arm. It will also look good on the neck, especially if you want to conceal your ink. Moon-inspired tattoos of Cancer are also appropriate for both sexes. After all, the moon (although not a planet) is the ruling heavenly body for this zodiac sign. Another style to ponder on is a sea-inspired Crab tat. After all, water is the crab’s natural habitat – where he thrives and lives.There are many ink selections for Cancerians, and there’s bound to be twoor three Cancer tattoos that you can have anywhere on your body.

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