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Many women ask for butterfly tattoos from their artists. That’s because butterflies are beautiful and majestic creatures that can attract attention, wherever they are applied. Butterfly tattoos are known for their multiple meanings. In Japan, butterflies represent womanhood and show the happiness that comes with marriage. As for the Aztecs, butterflies represent noble deaths – those of women who died giving birth, and the deaths of warriors on the battlefields. As for Christians, these winged beings denote the souls of people who have left the body. 

For most people, butterfly tattoos represent the process of transformation. These majestic insects first start out as ugly caterpillars, and after being enveloped in a cocoon, they come out as colorful butterflies. The beauty of tattoos of butterflies cannot be denied; that’s why big and small inks of these can be seen on many women across the world. Huge butterfly tattoos are often seen on the chest, back and upper arms, while minute styles can be put on the hands, ankles, neck, nape of the neck and upper back. What’s great about butterfly tattoos is that you can prettify them even more with other images such as hearts, stars, flowers and other girly designs. With the many tattoos of butterfly designs out there, you can have a field day choosing from the many styles, and thinking of where to have it on your body. 

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