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Banner Tattoos are simple designs which you can personalize to suit your desires. True to its name, this ink features a banner where you can put your name, your loved one’s name, or any word that represents your personality or your lifestyle. They can be left simple (only a banner) or they can be made more elegant with the addition of designs and images. For men, great banner tattoos styles include those with ornate crosses, skulls, and spades. As for women, the obvious choices for additional designs include flowers, hearts, angels, and stars, to name just a few.

Even the religious will enjoy having tattoos of banners. They can have their favorite scripture quotation tattooed inside the banner. They can design it with hands clasped in prayer, even with a symbol of the cross that embodies the main theme of Christianity. While banner tattoos are best placed on the upper arm for maximum visibility, you can also place them on the hidden parts of your body for privacy, such as the chest and back. Other locations where you can have tattoos of banners include your ankle, neck, nape and hand. They can be splashed in color or just tattooed in simple, black ink. No matter what type of banner tattoo you get, you’re sure to express your individuality and uniqueness with its one of a kind style. 

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