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For women, ankle tattoos are a great choice for several reasons.  From a visual perspective, ink work wrapping around the female ankle is attention-grabbing without screaming tacky whether wearing sandals or Stilettos.  Ankle tattoos are fun and flirty when chosen to be exposed by diverting focus from the ankles to the legs.  Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of ankle tattoos is the ability to easily conceal the body art with a pair of socks and shoes.  Also, because of their smaller size compared toother body art designs, ankle tattoos are relatively inexpensive.

The inner ankle region tends to be the optimal surface for simple designs such as a small flower or heart.  The front areas of the female ankle are usually best suited for cascading designs diverting attention to the legs; whilethe back of the ankles are typically reserved for women wanting to display a more dramatic design such as a rosary tattoo that wraps around the entire ankle.  Other popular ankle tattoo designs include:  flowing flowers and vines, religious designs such as crosses and angels, tribal bands, shooting stars, glitteringstardust, dolphin swimming in rings, butterflies in flight, and traditional Japanesesymbols. While ankle tattoos are common among women, it’s not unusual for men toshow off ankle tattoos as well.

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