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Thanks for looking at my profile. I'm currently busy working on non-tattoo projects and relocating so am unable to work on anything tat related for a bit. When I have the time again, I will update this section.

Custom Tattoo Designer's Portfolio

Marketplace Tattoos

Death before dishonor
Praying angel in clouds
Scroll with skull v.2
Modern pinup - Dad
Live free or die
Zen circle and wing
Tribal and lotus with spot for additional
Battlefield cross
Scroll with skull v.1
Griffin with sword, skull
Vampire pinup
Pinup with sword v2
Thundercats Lion-O
Phoneix rising
Tribal with spot for additional
Airborne State of Liberty pinup
Beauty and the Beast - Belle pinup
Poker royal flush and chips
Sun/moon yin/yang
Alice and Cheshore Cat
Frank from Donnie Darko
Greek / Roman Athena Minerva sculpture
Reaper girl
Knights of Solamnia, custom design
Superman logo
Airborne skull dagger
Leaf with caduceus
Batman Tumbler Batmobile and Bat Signal
Hula girl with attitude
Three circles in Latin
Shelby Cobra
small dragon
Harley Fatboy
Sugar skull v1
Harley Quinn with hammer and Batman face
Hula girl with attitude 2
Unicorn on moon
GN-001 Gundam Exia
Eagle soaring in clouds
Art Nouveau Steampunk Phoenix
Freddy Krueger new school pinup
Zen spirit
Lotus flower with spot for initials, etc.
Skull goth
Paw with wings
Harley Quinn
Pinup with sword
Lady Luck

Recent Wins

Things I like, super hero, star wars etc - submission
Robot/droid in a suit - updated
Fantasy Feline Anthropomorphic Thief Couple - update
Mario/Oldschool/Retro-Tribute to my brother - update
Knight skating dragon  - update
Customize Chibi Midna and Chibi female Commander Shepard! - both together
Prison Break Tattoo - submission
Bee Magician - full design

Recent Entries

Things I like, super hero, star wars etc - version 2
Combine two children names into one loopy design - submission
Ankle Treeline Silhouette Fix - submission
Harley Quinn Tattoo - update
Cat Mandala Rework/Cover Up - submission
Hot Mermaid On Hip - update
Fire Chief - update
Integrated Initials - another version