Liverpool shoulder tattoo


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danlfc21    Contest Holder
March 23 2017 1:53pm

Hard to explain exactly, but in terms of ring of fire i dont know if something more realistic would be better.

Possibly something that looks engraved into my skin coming over my shoulder & slightly down my arm.

I am open to some creative design work to suit my current tattoo
football theme?
March 23 2017 11:30am
Continue your tattoo should be in the style associated with football themes? Can you please write what would you like to see there, what do you like, inspire you and has weight and meaning for you.
This would help a lot)


hey friend !
March 22 2017 11:58am
Hey Bro ! I just want to ask you that which type of ring of fire do you more require ? simple one ? more realistic ? or some pencil work type one ?
danlfc21    Contest Holder
Uploaded my pics
March 19 2017 7:42am
Hi Yokswoko

Please see my current tattoo
March 18 2017 2:08pm
Sir, your project seems interesting. But i'm unable to see your uploaded pics. Please reupload them. Thank you.
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