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Public Discussion (Visible to all Tattoo Designers)

Thanks for the invite...
March 22 2017 8:53pm
I've been away from doing tattoo designs for a bit but will be getting back to it soon. Probably not in time for your contest, though. Best of luck!

JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
March 20 2017 8:47pm
SLEEVE!! Does anyone read description and see pictures????
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
Looking for a mixture of things I like,
March 20 2017 8:46pm
Looking for a SLEEVE of things I described
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
Is their anyone out their,,???
March 14 2017 7:09pm
Is their anyone out their?????
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
Is their any artists that can draw up something sick!!
March 12 2017 1:20pm
As in really good!! Real looking, not cartoonish or kiddish.
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
No Subject
March 12 2017 1:18pm
Contest Extended to March 28 2017 1:18pm
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
I liked the ar and the symbol in the last drawing but other stuff not so much
March 12 2017 9:39am
Good try
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
Have you read my description of what I'm looking for?
March 10 2017 11:24pm
Yes I'm looking to combine crossfit, ar 15 guns, piecies horiscope symbol, tribal, all in together in a sleeve to have tattooed on my right arm. Does that make any sence? It's all in my description of what I want. Hobbies I like on my arm. A sleeve
March 10 2017 8:56am
Hello, you want to combine CrossFit and gun and below this is combined with your existing tattoo? I understand you correctly?
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
This place is a joke
March 10 2017 7:39am
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
Is anyone out their that can draw me a sleeve!!!
March 10 2017 7:38am
No one can draw me a sleeve????!!!! WTF
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
March 6 2017 10:18pm
Wow!!! That's cool, it's ment to me. Can you draw up something for me? Small world!!
March 6 2017 4:52pm
I just looked at the photos you added, and one thing i noticed, you see the 2 warriors on each shoulder blades, i did those designs, awesome.))

Bob McClure
March 6 2017 3:41pm
Thanks for the invite! I´m busy but I´ll try to get something for you before the contest ends
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
Loaded pics of what I have on my body now,
March 6 2017 9:06am
Loaded pics of what I have on my. It's now and some of my guns I would like in the mix or similar
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
Would like to add pieces in it some how
March 6 2017 8:57am
Would like to add that I'm a pieces in it too, ar15 not ak47
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
Looking for a custom sleeve, not just one object
March 6 2017 8:45am
Looking for a custom sleeve with all hobbies mixed with tribal in a collage put together
JorgeJorge    Contest Holder
Looking for a sleeve from wrist to top of bisep
February 27 2017 2:44pm
Ar guns, crossfit, tribal, mix
Example Images
February 27 2017 8:58am
Some example images would be appreciated.
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