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Aloha I specialize in Polynesian Style Tribal Tattoo Designs. You can see more of my work at and I prefer private contests, it is the best way for you to get the attention your design deserves. If you purchase one of my Marketplace designs and get the designed tattooed, I would love to have a pic of the tattoo! You can contact me on my sites. thank you! aloha:)

Custom Tattoo Designer's Portfolio

Marketplace Tattoos

Not The Rock's Tattoo
Polynesian Arm-Shoulder
Poly 1/2 Sleeve
Modern Polynesian
Polynesian Honu
Not The Rock's Chest Design
Polynesian Shoulder
Polynesian Tribal Honu Forearm/Calf
Hawaiian Honu
Family Roses
Tribal Peace Sun
Honu (Turtle) Polynesian Style
Country Girl
Hawaiian Band
Polynesian Plumeria Honu Tahitian Style
Polynesian Heart
Plumeria Tribal
Your Final Fantasy
Hawaiian Shark
Bear Claw
Tahitian Style Plumeria
Tribal Honu (turtle design)
Polynesian Shaka Tribal
Polynesian Style Chest
Flaming flying tribal
Polynesian Flame Shoulder-Arm
Tribal Lion Sportbike
Rising Angel
Sexy Reaper
Mustang with rope
Polynesian Style Canadian Maple Leaf
War Horse
Barbed Wire
Polynesian Tribal
Outlaw Ironman
Poly Inspired Armband
Polynesian Arm or Leg Band
Cougar Paw Print
Tahitian Style Hibiscus
Eagle Head
Two Feathers
Tribal Man
Hawaiian Tribal Shark
Nordic Serpent
Polynesian Style 1/2 Sleeve Honu
Prepper, Pepper's Cousin
Sexy Hawaiian Tribal
Polynesian Leg Tattoo Design
Flaming Cross
Norse Design
Hibiscus Family
Eastern Tribal
Wolf Paw Heart
Tribal Feather with stars
You'll Never Walk Alone
Flaming Eyeball
Polynesian Style Calf Tribal Design
Snakes and Feathers
Tribal Peace
Maori Style Honu
Lion of Judah
Sexy Wahine Babe
Native Compass Rose
Lucky Charm
1/4 sleeve Polynesian Style Tattoo Design
Polynesian Hibiscus
Tribal Red Hibiscus
Navy Skull with wave
Sportbike Tribal
Flaming Bar and Shield
tribal rose
Sexy Woman 3D tribal
Tribal Bikini
Lotus Angel
Tree of Life
Tribal Flame Cross Gemini
Polynesian Style Forearm Tattoo Design
MDot Hawaiian Triathlon Calf Design
Tribal Yellow Hibiscus
Chief Eagle Flame
Bison Mandela
Tribal Wolf
Tribal Skull
Xtreme Sports Woman
Serbian Two Headed Eagle
Heart Dagger Banner
Coconut Tree and Flowers
Bad Ass 4 Leaf Clover
Finish Strong
Medicine Wheel
Warrior Eagle PolynesianStyle
Flaming Wave
Polynesian Honu Tribal Color
Wolf Print
Dolphin Fish Fouled Anchor
Paradise Found
Polynesian Arm or Calf Design
Polynesian Style Arm Band
Poly Tribal
Poly Chest
Polynesian Honu Tahitian Style
Cross John 15:13
Barbed wire Feathers
Angel Wings Cross Heart
Philippine Sun Honu
Maui No Ka Oi
Tribal Bear Claw
Plumeria Polynesian Style
Wavy Peace Sign

Recent Wins

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chapters of my life  - Sample
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Polynesian Turtle Puzzle - color
Lower Leg Cover Up - mockup

Recent Entries

Hawaiian Honu - new design
Polynesian Hammerhead Shark - Mockup
Polynesian Hammerhead Shark - One More
eMe shoulder design - Redo
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eMe shoulder design - Aloha
Lotus Mandala - one more
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