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Below are some of my designs tattooed by Kev Stankus at Draconian Tattoo, Kent Storengen at Purple Pain Tattoo, Will at Swallow Ink, Jason Spainhour, Aran Campas, and Alan Aldred at Cosmic Tattoo.

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Marketplace Tattoos

Grieving angel and tombstone
Royal Flush
Bird, poppy, and paint
Japanese Water. Koi and Lotus.
Mother Nature
Memorial for a loved one
Intertwined Roses
Japanese dragon and koi design
Sword and Heart
Bison Skull Dreamcatcher
Daisies and paw prints
Skull and wings
heart lock
Heart and rose armband
Lily and Swirls
Gambling Sugar Skull
Celtic clover and Irish flag
Vintage Lock with thorny vine, leaves, and blood droplets
Bass Clef Vine with Butterfly
Piano music sugarskull
Blood and Roses
Family shield
Celtic knot maple leaf
Torn heart and rosebud
Japanese Fire. Demon and Bamboo.
Red flowers
Money Tree
Filipino American
Amber Queen (Bee)
Fat Buddha, Laughing Buddha
Metallic mechanic scorpion
Profile surrounded by peacock feathers, flowers, and open books.
Henna inspired heart halves
Red-orange flowers
Ruby Evil
Devil waitress
skeleton anchor
Peony flower
Polka Trash
Sapphire Fairy
Vintage Key with flowers and a ribbon
A Kiss
Barbwire Treble Clef with Feathers and Birds
Stylized octopus
Bear Claw
Japanese Air. Crane and Iris.
Chrysanthemum memorial design
Works in Progress
Lily and swirls, Rose and lace, Lotus and henna, and Peony flowers
Celtic knot maple leaf
Lace and rose
Emerald Mermaid
Growth from rot
Gypsy design with flowers and jewels
Honeysuckle and lace
Japanese Earth. Geisha and Sakura.
skeleton key
Lotus and henna
Amethyst Jorogumo
Hannya mask girl
June rose and pearl
A pretty face flayed is even prettier

Recent Wins

Feminine leaf tattoo - 2
Hearts & Thread - 2
Kings crown with Script - 4
Egg's and Bacon Best Friend - 1
Pink ribbon, love heart locket and crown - 2
Stories Can Make Us Fly  - 3
New Beginnings  - 4
Half Sleeve Design - 3

Recent Entries

Cross dressing Peach and Mario - 2
Hearts & Thread - 3
Cross dressing Peach and Mario - 1
Hearts & Thread - 1
Feminine leaf tattoo - 1
Kings crown with Script - 3
Kings crown with Script - 2
Kings crown with Script - 1