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I like to be challenged and I work in a wide variety of styles. If you are searching for something simple and fun or deep and meaningful, I look forward to providing high quality, tattooable art for your body and soul. All of my designs are drawn by hand, however, I do use a computer program to mask or erase details, when I need to edit a completed design and for some coloring and lettering. I welcome your feedback and alteration requests. I take the longevity of tattoos seriously and my main goal is to give voice to your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Your feedback helps me see your vision. I have been an artist since birth but I went to school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and have been a full time artist and designer for over 28 years. - Pam

Custom Tattoo Designer's Portfolio

Marketplace Tattoos

0028 Bird Black and White
Moon Glow
Trash Polka Bird Trio
0027 Owl Tattoo
Beaded Cross
0026 Sugar Skull Cat Color
Falling Hearts
Night Goddess Fairy
0014 Lace Bird
Rose Banner 2 black and white
Music Note Love
Up Bird
Butterfly Trio
Tiny Heart Trio
Flower trio color
Green Trinity
Flower Swirl
Anchor Rope Peace Sign
Magic Wand
Sternum Lace 2
small trinity
0019 Sugar Skull Owl
Mother Earth Tree of Life
Pisces Twist
Bird on Branch
Sea Banner
Sun Moon 5
Flower Cat
Weeping Willow
Uranus Planet Symbol
Devil Heart
Flower pot banner
tribal small owl 3
Tropical Cross
Virgo Twist
Lotus Scroll
Trinity 2
0025 Sugar Skull Lion
Owl Dagger
Mars Planet Symbol
Tiny Bow
Flower Trio Balck and White
Rose banner color
Celtic Triad
Dolphin with Flowers
Bamboo Peace Sign
Colorful Wings
Sun Moon 1
Family Heart
Hummingbird Swirl
Tiny Feather
Love squared
Survivor butterfly
Angel Cat
Tree of Life
Neptune Planet Symbol
Love Anchor
Rockabilly Heart with Birds
tribal small owl 4
Eyes of the World
Libra Twist
Music Flower
Flower Drip
Tiny Infinity Heart
Trinity 3
Flower Guitar
Venus Planet Symbol
Tiny Ohm Flower
Yin Yang Sun
Rose banner black and white
Tuscan Sun
Aries Twist
Infinity Heart Rosebud
Heart Peace Sign
Sun Moon 2
0020 Sugar Skull Bird Black and White
Moon and Stars Tribal
Tiny Sun
Swirl Love
Survivor Ribbon Flower
Sun and Moon
Flower Trio Celtic Heart
Awareness Heart Charm
Rockabilly Heart with Sword
tribal small owl 5
Scorpio Twist
Scroll Flower
Palm Tree Quill Pen
Flower and Bee
Trinity 4
0026 Sugar Skull Cat Black and White
Mercury Planet Symbol
Black and white sun
Rose Banner 2 color
Taurus Twist
Daisy Infinity
Awareness Key
Hollyhock 1
Family dragonfly
0020 Sugar Skull Bird Color
Moon and Hanging Stars
Tiny Heart Infinity
Love is...
Sun Moon 6
Tree of Life
Trio of Flowers with Celtic Heart Tribal
Shooting Star
Resting Dragon
small flower banner
Bolted Cross
Sagittarius Twist
Flower Peace Sign
Roses and heart
Eagle Dagger
Rose Cross
Pluto Planet Symbol
Zebra Heart
Bird dream catcher
Stained Glass Cross
Gemini Twist
Flower Bells Scroll
Flower Heart
Grow Love
Hollyhock 2
Family butterfly
0017 Sugar Skull Owl Color
Mod Cross
Graphic Leaf
Balloon Infinity
Love flower
Elephant Hamsas Third Eye Lotus
Love Tree
Infinity Flower With Color
Heart Wings
Butterfly on flower
flowers and banner
0015 Lace Hummingbird
Gypsy Dancer
Capricorn Twist
Belt Peace Sign
Sun Moon 3
Night Eyes
fleur-de-lis vine
Jupiter Planer Symbol
Checkerboard Heart
Lotus Banner
tribal small owl 1
Cancer Twist
Flower Bells
Heart Beat
Leo and Italian Horn
Leo zodiac and Italian horn
0029 Sugar Skull Hummingbird
Rose and Ladybug
Tiny Swirl Flower
Daisy love
Capricorn Zodiac Sign with Stars
Tiger Flower
Infinity Flower Celtic
Awareness is the Key
Sternum Lace
Dragonfly flight
0016 Sugar Skull Cat
Wood Cross
Aquarius Twist
Vine Peace Sign
Sea view
Sun Moon 4
Honey bee
Saturn Planet Symbol
Love Balloon
Ivy Banner
tribal small owl 2
Leo Twist
Tulip Scroll with Butterfly
Feather Love
Trinity 1
Heart Dreamcatcher

Recent Wins

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Diamond Mandala Sternum - new v1
Marine Mom (M.o.M.) - v2
Wrist art - v9
Tribal Tattoo Map of Georgia (Left Upper Arm) - v5
children - v12
"Kingston" Family Honoring Bond - v6

Recent Entries

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For my sons, rose and....  - v5