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I love illustrating all things imaginative & visionary. Self-taught, I have been a professional artist & designer for 23 years. I specialize in Symbolist, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Magical Realism & folk art/design. My commissioned work includes tattoo designs, illustrations & portraits. I love creating custom work, and am especially honoured when one of my creations becomes a permanent piece of art on someone's body ! Currently I'm really busy with my arts business, so cannot respond to invites all the time. It's preferable to hire me privately for the creation of your tattoo design. All my art is drawn and painted by hand; I use photoshop to touch up and rearrange my images. Thanks for looking !

Custom Tattoo Designer's Portfolio

Marketplace Tattoos

Dragonfly with Breast Cancer ribbon
Tree of Life and Death tattoo design by Liza Paizis
Dragonfly tattoo design by Liza Paizis
Kanji Love symbol with swirls
Black and gray realistic Sunflowers
Tree with Bird and Flowers
Chinese Dragonflies with lillies
Tribal Phoenix Design
Tribal Vine
Sisters Infinity sign with Feather
Doves design
bamboo, plum blossom, pine tree design: Three Friends of Winter
Irish Shamrock and Canadian Maple leaf intertwined tattoo design
Lotus flower
Fire Water Yin Yang tattoo design flames and waves
Sunflower with Peace sign
Daisy and sunflower flower design in color
Autumn Fairy and mushroom tattoo design by Liza Paizis
2 Parrots - Conure
Angel Wings small tattoo with stars
Elephant tattoo
lilly and frog design
Tree of Life tattoo design in color
Turtle Waves and Sun
Angel tattoo design
Cherry Blossom and Bird Tattoo
Fairy on a mushroom
Lotus and Swallow tattoo design lotus flower waterlily with pink Swallow bird
Tree with red heart
Cat with flower black and white simple design
Unicorn and moon water color tattoo
Elephant Silhouette tattoo
Flame colored Phoenix fire orange and red
Peace Arrow with peacock feather
Bird with banner heart and initials
Woman in striped stockings
English Pheasant Oriental design
Traditiona style swallow tattoo old school swallow tattoo
Lotus Mandala with Ouroboros
Peony black and white flower poppy tattoo design
Pixie and toadstool tatoo design
Tribal Phoenix Design
Owl - detailed linework tattoo
Twisted Vine Sleeve
Celtic Tree of Life with Crows
Dragon Infinity design black and gray
Tree with Birds
Fire flame Phoenix watercolor tattoo design
Mother and children tattoo
Sun and Moon black and white filigree ornate whimsical tattoo design chandelier fantasy style
Simple elephant tattoo design small size
Mermaid black and white tattoo
Doves  colour tattoo design
Black and white flowers
Infinity with feathers and birds tattoo design
Lovers entwined in a tree
Simple black and white tree design
Tree of Life tattoo design in black and gray
Abstract geometric tree design
Dragonfly design with bamboo
Turtle tattoo design
Scotish Thistle tattoo design
Vintage old school style traditional sailor jerry Mermaid tattoo design
Flower with Swirls
Sun Tattoo
Lily with swirls tattoo design
Dragonfly and lotus flower design
Koi fish  Lotus half sleeve japanese tattoo design
Butterfly Fairy tattoo design by Liza Paizis
Frog and lilly flower design
pink lotus zen tattoo
Leopard spots half sleeve Tribal design
Owl and Bear yin and yang design
Three Sleeping Cats tattoo design by Liza Paizis
American Flag Patritic Butterfly
Infinity Sisters feather tattoo design
jasmine flower tattoo design
Trout and Aspen leaf in color tattoo design
Celtic Trinity knot work design with thorns
Icarus winged man or angel tattoo design by Liza Paizis
Afro Comb Design

Recent Wins

Memorial tattoo for my son - Variations on the Infinity design
Nature - Nature design
updating tattoo - with a bit of colour....
Tree/sunset - ...with birds flying from the tree...
Celestial Design Enhancement for Existing Tattoo - another design - more shading, more flow
Chery  blossom tree and 2 owls  - with some bigger flowers - to get and idea !
My twins - 3-D
Acceptance - ..another

Recent Entries

bird tattoo with initials - Amended design
Memorial tattoo for my son - Variations on the Infinity design
Memorial tattoo for my son - Variations on the Infinity design
bird tattoo with initials - Rough Idea
Memorial tattoo for my son - Rough Idea
Memorial tattoo for my son - rough sketch idea
Memorial tattoo for my son - Sketch Ideas
Unique fairy and dragonfly to honour the memory of my Aunty - Sketch idea