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Wolf Phoenix
Fire dragon
Skull tattoo design
Winged wolf
Dark knight symbol
Dagger with snake
Wolf tribal
Rhino tribal
Lion Tribal
Buffalo skull with wings
Tribal design
Tiger face
Skulls tattoo design
Deer tattoo
Tiger face tribal
Elephant tattoo
Cobra yin yang
Heart tattoo
Upper arm tribal
Horse tattoo
Wood cross
Batman symbol
Feather with rose
Heart ribbon

Recent Wins

Anchor - Anchor
Yes, &. . . - fix
My Logo - My Logo
Rune stone - Rune stone
My first and only tattoo - fine
J & R - J & R
Avenged Sevenfold and FFDP  - Avenged Sevenfold and FFDP
Capricorn/dreamcatcher for lower spine - 1

Recent Entries

Yes, &. . . - fix
Yes, &. . . - Yes, &. . .
Space themed tattoo - Space themed tattoo
Ironman Dad - Ironman Dad
Raven in ink brushstroke - Raven in ink brushstroke
Raven in ink brushstroke - Raven in ink brushstroke
3 Names in a Heart - 3 Names in a Heart
Intertwined initials - Intertwined initials