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Art is a big passion of mine, I love what I do and will always do my best to create a high quality, original design for you :)

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Old style steam train  - revisions
Portrait tattoo - changes
Russian Doll with the star of David  - updates
Ship, Poseidon and Fish Half Sleeve  - water change
Tweak my Queen of Hearts and Ace of Spades design - updates
Biomechanical shoulder/upper arm/upper chest/upper back - purple shaft
Tipping the scales  - tipping the scales
Arm Tattoo with Fishing Boat and Marlin - latest update

Recent Entries

Harley Quinn & Joker (pin-up style) - revisions
Franks coverup  - franks cover up
Train Tracks Tattoo  - without lights
St. Michael smites Diablo - st michael diablo
Old style steam train  - changes
Seashell Galaxy - changes
Portrait tattoo - portrait design
Old style steam train  - old style steam train