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What makes a GREAT tattoo design over a so so design, from a tattoo artist !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1.Clean line work. Lines are the bases of what the tattoo is based on with out clean lines its not a tattoo that will hold up over time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2. Nice shading. if something is to dark and black all over. With no breaks from light to dark, it will look like a black blob over time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3. Color should accent the shading, not just go all over .Nice and even color with depth ,with building of multiple layers of depth of color xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4. Make sure it will fit the space it was meant to be in.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx So make sure when picking your design you look for these basic guidelines and not only will you have a great design but one that will hold up over time... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx great art dos not make a great a tattoo, but a great tattoo makes great art. So remember these 4 basics ...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please leave feedback on Work entered so we as artist can make changes as needed for you to get the best design you can get...xxxxxxxxxxxx Arjay Fiori Tattoo artist of 20years

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Laugh now, Cry Later redesign - Laugh now, Cry Later
Laugh now, Cry Later redesign - Laugh now, Cry Later
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